Bedrijf verkopen of kopen? Op zoek naar een bedrijf? Aansluiten bij een succesvolle franchiseformule Kapitaal nodig of op zoek naar een investering? Wat is de waarde van mijn bedrijf?

About is an International online platform where offer and demand of companies come together. Established in 2002 in the Netherlands, and currently operational in Belgium, Germany and Spain with more than 1 million users per year.

The company was founded in response to the lack of transparency in takeover websites that offered enough profiles that people could contact easily and without having to pay up front in order to get in touch. The website aims to offer a high-quality portfolio of companies for sale, matching them with companies in demand. We also have opportunities for investors and franchisers. The website is clear and easily accessible.

Our business model can also be copied to other EU member states in order to create more transparency on the European takeover market.

Facts of online platform in The Netherlands.

  • 1 million visitors on our webpage per year
  • 250 new businesses for sale or demanded each month
  • 45% of the profiles online sold through our platform
  • An average of 12 reactions per profile in 6 months.
  • 20.000 newsletter subscribers